1. Why is using Senior Homeowner Solutions a preferred route for selling my home?

Simply put, we take away all of the stress related to getting a home ready for sale, dealing with brokers, packing and moving, and setting up in your new residence. Because we buy your home outright as-is, you are not exposed to market timing, costs to make your home ready for sale, closing costs, showings, contract negotiations, carrying costs etc. You need to focus on the next stage in your life, not the hassles of selling your home.

2. How long does the whole process take?

The timing is totally up to you. We can close in a few short weeks after the initial assessment, or slow down as much as you need to meet your schedule. We can even tailor a contract that allows you to stay in your home for a pre-determined length of time after we close.

3. How do you arrive at the offering price?

After our assessment and discussions with you, we will make an offer that reflects your needs for additional services, your timing, the condition of your home, current market factors, and the comparables for your neighborhood. We will review all of this with you so that you fully understand our offer.

4. What other services do you provide?

One of our team members is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been through this entire process with her own family. She is part of the initial assessment team that will help you understand what you are about to encounter. We can also assist you with assessment of alternative living situations and work with you to determine the best scenario for your new residence. Finally, we offer a full range of services for packing, moving, disposition and set up in the new residence.

5. What do all of these additional services cost?

Nothing! After the initial assessment, if you decide to proceed with an offer and contract, we will factor all of the services you desire into the contract price. You pay nothing out of pocket throughout the entire process, including closing costs.

6. What if your offer price is lower than we are willing to accept?

If that is the case, you can still contract separately for packing and moving services for a fee to be determined. Any advice provided from our Social Worker during the initial assessment will not be billed to you. Finally, we can recommend a few Realtors that you may wish to contact to pursue a listing of your home. Our ultimate goal is to have your sale and move be the best solution for your particular needs, even if that means selling your home to us is not right for you.

7. Who will I be dealing with and who will come into my home?

Senior Homeowner Solutions is staffed only with personnel that are licensed or accredited in their field of expertise. No one will enter your home without first confirming the schedule in advance with you, and all inspections and visits will only be done under the supervision of or with a principal of the company in attendance.

8. How can SHS do all of this and still make a profit?

While our objective is to make a profit after we put your home on the market, we are exposed to many risks that have to be factored into our offer to you. By selling your home to us, you are able to immediately access the equity value in your home, while we absorb all of the costs associated with inspections, fix up, commissions, closing costs, carrying costs, utilities, insurance, and the uncertainty of timing. You gain certainty in price, closing date, cost of moving, and peace of mind in knowing that this burden and issue has been solved. 

9. How will I know if this is the best offer and solution for my needs?

Only you can make that evaluation, so we encourage you to discuss everything with your family and advisors. We feel certain that after you factor in all of the issues plus costs and timing associated with the sale, you will conclude that a private, streamlined sale to SHS is a very viable solution for you to consider.

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