The out of town adult children:

Often times, the adult children of Seniors have their own lives, jobs, children and issues on top of trying to assist their parents with life’s transitions. Many times, they live in a different city than their parents. As their parent’s age, the stress on their time and family dynamic is significant. Especially when living out of town, the additional burden of providing care and support to their parents is a tremendous added responsibility, made all the more difficult by distance. Whether just beginning the process or fully engaged in helping their parents move, the closing up of the house becomes a daunting task. This process by its nature is usually left until after the move, and by that time, the adult child as caregiver is drained of energy. The house becomes a burden, and usually the process becomes drawn out while the focus stays on the parent. Senior Homeowner Solutions is here to help you from day one, and you know that the details are being taken care of. You focus on the parent, we focus on everything else. 

Financial pressure and market timing:

Often times, a senior adult has the vast majority of their savings tied up in their home. In today’s housing market, getting to that equity can be a challenge. The need to move to an alternative living situation can come suddenly, and access to the cash available from the sale of the home may be many months into the future, depending on how long the house takes to sell. On top of this, there is often a need to do some level of renovation to bring the home “up to market”, and the cash to do so is simply not available. Out of the sale of the home, there are commissions, closing costs, moving costs, and more. All of these factors will reduce the actual net proceeds left after the sale. What you are “left with” may not be as much as you think, and the timing is completely unknown. Compounding all of this is the reality of attempting to sell the home while it is still occupied. Concerns about showing, safety of possessions, and the stress of having strangers in the house are alleviated by a sale to SHS.  ​

The health of the adult children:

It is well documented that the health of adult children is often compromised when they become the primary caregivers and decision makers for their aging parents. The various tasks associated with just managing the lives of their own children and jobs are very challenging in today’s fast paced society. The efforts that are or will be expended by adding in the full time responsibility for their parents can be overwhelming. The stress and strain of living in the “sandwich generation” can lead to depression, exhaustion and often times worse consequences. What should be a time focused on helping their parents with life’s transitions turns into what feels like an unwelcome burden. And that is before you start to deal with the house.​ 

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